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starters, don’t confuse “#startup” with “#business”

#starters have some cross over, but the startup faces #challenges unique to the space that “#businesses” do not. Pictures of #Mark_Zuckerburg or Elon Musk don’t represent businesses as much as they do startups. For a new business (not necessarily a startup), there is nearly always a #product #demand, or product/#market fit. There may be no #innovation or #inventiveness at all, rather just filling an #existing_market demand.

Elon, #Mark_Z, #Bill_G all took a completely different path – they created the market for their products, and then filled the demand. That’s a true start up.

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Lockdown Can Called Summer Holiday’s

Hey guys this is Mahendra Mali I am enjoying this lock down holidays at my village Jaliya during this lock down I’m doing farming growing plants such …

Lockdown Can Called Summer Holiday’s

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